Even though the player provided facts and confirmed that was a lie, the casino stopped responding to her messages and the case remains unresolved. Player’s bonus winnings have been confiscated. The player from Germany claimed multiple bonuses in a row without making a deposit in between. The casino confiscated the player’s winnings as this was against the casino’s Terms and Conditions. In Casino Guru, we believe that a policy like this should be enforced by software so that players can’t break it by accident. Therefore, we asked the casino to refund the player’s winnings.

  • Bonanza still needs to run major advertising campaigns to expose people to the Bonanza name.
  • While we resolve the issue, check out these similar games you might enjoy.
  • I closed one of my old acts that I’d already closed ages ago.
  • When it comes to comparing Bonanza and eBay in terms of selling fees, the former easily wins.

The player from India has been waiting for his withdrawal for more than two months. Furthermore, he is experiencing complications contacting the casino’s finance team. We closed the complaint as ‘unresolved’ because the casino failed to reply. The player from Germany has been accused of fraudulent activity. The casino blocked the player’s account and confiscated all accumulated winnings. We ended up closing the complaint as ‘unresolved’ because the casino failed to reply.

Miss midas casino uk | Bonanza Com Site Review

Well, its been 6 months and I have be recharged the membership. And really don’t care about customer service or anybody. Remember that all extra fees, taxes, and vigorish must be passed on to the buyer to keep the seller in business. So expect higher prices for whatever you buy. Both of the products I ordered on Bonanza were scams.

Players Bonus Winnings Have Been Confiscated

Ask to get answers from the Bonanza staff and other customers. I recommend that you don’t use Bonanza. But since you have, contact Bonanza and give them a chance to rectify it. If they do not contact the Better Business Bureau in the state that Bonanza is register in and file a complaint. You will have to be persistent because it has been my experience that Bonanza doesn’t care.

How Can I Talk To A Real Person At Bonanza About The Problem I Am Having Setting Up My Seller’s Account?

miss midas casino uk

With its simple and straightforward process for sellers, Bonanza is one miss midas casino uk of the best auction sites. The main drawback is the same one every auction site that isn’t eBay has – the smaller audience of shoppers. Customer service has been great the few times we have needed them.

When it comes to comparing Bonanza and eBay in terms of selling fees, the former easily wins. But if we look closer and start to search, we notice that Bonanza welcomes common products in its showcase alongside many niche products. They range from handicrafts to artistic productions. It also offers collectibles and items from well-known brands. Choose if you want to pay for extra advertising on other online platforms.

(PAIN!) I was supposed to be buying Biotin. The lab I gave it to for testing is quite sure what it is, but not Biotin. Although my listings on eBay are synced with Bonanza, I never sell anything on Bonanza. I feel I might if I accepted all their little perks that cost money so it just mostly wastes my time.

Not the answer I was expecting out of Bonanza, the representative knew the answer to my question but as I mentioned referred me to the community. Otherwise Bonanza does a very good job. Love the ease of the system, but people just need to take precautions before partaking in the upgrades and advertising. Failure to pay attention will cause you to take a loss. Getting used to the shipping process after a sale is a bit confusing.

miss midas casino uk

I don’t know if Bonanza stopped spending the same money to advertise listings on google or if it caused by something else. I’m very disappointed since it has been a long time since any of my items sold on Bonanza or my own website . Bonanza is not designed to help the seller. All of the options, Google Shopping, Turbo packs, Webstore, Bing submission, advertising, and so and so forth…all these options should be included in ONE submission price.